Become a Token Researcher - Summer '23 Cohort

Summer '23 Cohort Start Date: June 6, 2023

The Crypto Analysts position is quickly becoming a highly sought-after career path in the modern financial landscape; from VCs, over hedge funds, family offices, and big banks, everyone needs them, and demand will only grow.

Plus, you will be able to make better investment decisions yourself. Understanding valuation models for digital assets is a future-proof skill to learn.

You will understand how to evaluate crypto tokens based on their fundamentals, on-chain data, business model, tokenomics, and their sustainability. 


Learning objectives

Learn easy-to-follow frameworks

You will get to know three frameworks for evaluating ERC20 tokens developed by the course creator themselves, that covers 9 dimensions ranging from value proposition, supply & demand, business model, and growth.

Learn how to write a research report

You will be able to create a research report, based on your findings, qualitative evaluation, and quantitative on-chain data. We will give a template that puts together these findings in a professional and presentable manner.

Learn how to analyse on-chain data

Your research will start qualitatively in the beginning but with the wealth of on-chain data available understanding the most important data tools is a must. At the end of the course you will know how to use 7+ analysis tools for different purposes.


Course Experience

Weekly Live Group Coaching/Discussion Sessions 

We’ll meet every Tuesday for live lectures. During these live lectures, you will learn how to analyze the token you’ve picked systematically. Every session covers one of the main dimensions of the frameworks we provide, and they all build on top of each other. 

Once a week, we will meet for an optional study session, where we go through specific questions and support you with your research reports. You can attend as many or as few as you’d like, but from my experience, students value the study sessions as one of the top elements of their experiences since they can get the most personalized feedback, so I would love you to take advantage of it as much as you’d like. 

Personalized Feedback for the Research Report

You will receive personalized feedback on your work during the study sessions and at the end of the course. We will highlight areas of improvement and show you the strengths and weaknesses of your report based on the 9 dimensions of the framework. 

Talk to Experts in Live Sessions

During the 6 weeks we have amazing guest speaker sessions with industry experts. Tokenomics experts, data analysts, hedge fund managers, VCs and web3 veterans are joining us so you can learn directly from their expertise.

Learn to Use the Best Data Tools 

In almost every session, you will learn how to use a new data tool that complements your qualitative research efforts. From analyzing revenues, the distribution of the tokens, and the number of active developers, users, and wallets to financial KPIs, vesting schedules & issuance rates, you will be equipped with the right tools.

The kick-off day is on June 06, 2023

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Token Researcher Cohort Curriculum

Week 1

Intro to Token Research - Welcome to the course and an overview of the frameworks, your homework, and the final research report. We also start the research report by deciding on a token to analyze and diving right into the value proposition of the project you chose.

Week 2

Fundamentals of Tokenomics - Learn the 8 fundamental principles of Tokenomics and what differentiates good Tokenomics from bad Tokenomics. We will look at examples such as Bitcoin, Uniswap, Ethereum, Sweatcoin, KlimaDAO, Axie Infinity, or Olympus DAO and their strengths & weaknesses. 

Week 3

Token & Ecosystem Design - Understand how value is created in the protocol and token ecosystem by analyzing its participants, the tokens used, and their purpose. You will study key concepts such as value accrual, incentive design, and mechanisms. 

Week 4

Quantitative Analysis with Token Terminal - You will learn to use one of the best but most user-friendly tools out there, Token Terminal. This incredibly powerful tool will allow you to easily analyze the most important KPIs & metrics for many protocols. 

Week 5

Analysing Token Supply & Demand - Supply of token is one of the key aspects to understand. But there are many dimensions to it: total supply / circulating supply, monetary policy, allocations & distribution. We will show you how to use a variety of tools and where to look to find issues in the token supply and highlight dangers to the price stability of the project. Tools you will learn include BubbleMaps, Token Unlocks & Vestlab. 

Token’s must have utility & benefits to users, holders and create constant demand drivers. You will learn to understand where demand for a token comes from and how to evaluate it based on the four dimensions: utility, ROI, governance & narrative.

Week 6

Analysing business model and growth - The more mature the crypto industry becomes the more traditional financial metrics can be used. This week you will learn to track business model and growth metrics. On top of that, you will understand how sustainable the growth & rewards are and how to spot a ponzi scheme.



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