Prompt Engineering for Content Creators: The track to a 300k/year career - Spring 23’ Cohort

Spring 23' Cohort Start Date: May 3, 2023

Prompt engineering is an exciting and rapidly-growing field that offers exciting new career opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds, including those with non-technical skills.

Demand is so high that job offers already shoot up to $300.000 per year.

This isn't your typical engineering class - our expert instructors will teach you how to craft natural and engaging chatbot prompts. You’ll learn by example and by implementing what you learn immediately.

Spots are limited! Don't wait and sign up for our prompt engineering for ChatGPT masterclass today and start your journey to becoming a top-tier engineer in the tech industry!


Learning objectives

Learn the art of crafting prompts in real-time

Our online course on prompt engineering for ChatGPT is designed to take learners from beginner to advanced in just four sessions. We'll introduce the basics of prompt engineering and how to create effective prompts, then we'll dive into more advanced techniques like fine-tuning and transfer learning. By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to use ChatGPT to its fullest potential.

Learn how to handle the limitations of ChatGPT

Understanding the limitations of ChatGPT can help learners set realistic expectations for what the model can and cannot do, which is crucial for developing effective prompt engineering strategies. Additionally, being aware of the limitations can inspire creative solutions that work around them, leading to better results.

Learn how to create, expand & automate content creation

You will learn to engineer your way through real-life use cases to deepen your skills. These include researching, expanding your ideas, crafting social media content, producing SEO-optimized content, generating headlines and titles, enhancing your tone & writing style, and even editing & expanding your content.


Course Experience

Weekly live group coaching/discussion sessions 

We’ll meet every week for live lectures. During these live lectures, you will learn prompt engineering on real-life examples. Every session covers one of the main dimensions of the frameworks we provide, and they all build on top of each other. 

Once a week, we will meet for an optional study session, where we go through specific questions and support you with your homework. You can attend as many or as few as you’d like. Still, from our experience, students value the study sessions as one of the top elements of their experiences since they can get the most personalized feedback, so I would love you to take advantage of it as much as you’d like. 

We will make it practical and hands-on!

By working on practical exercises and real-world use cases, learners will gain hands-on experience with prompt engineering techniques that they can apply to solve content creation challenges. For example, learners can use their newly acquired skills to generate blog post ideas, research, create social media posts, repurpose video & audio content, expand on product descriptions, and more. With the ability to leverage ChatGPT and prompt engineering, learners can streamline their content creation process and achieve better results with less effort.

Gain exclusive insights, tools, and resources

You will get a cheat sheet explaining all techniques you will learn in this course. It concisely summarizes the most important techniques for creating effective prompts that yield high-quality output. Starting from the basics, such as choosing the right prompts and structuring prompts for optimal output, it gradually introduces more advanced techniques like fine-tuning, transfer learning, and conditioning the model on specific inputs or contexts. By following our cheatsheet, content creators can optimize their prompts for various use cases, such as blog writing, content repurposing, and SEO content, and achieve impressive results with ChatGPT.

The kick-off day is on May 03, 2023

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Prompt Engineering - Cohort Curriculum

Week 1

Intro to Prompt Engineering - students will learn the fundamentals of creating effective prompts that elicit the desired response from the language model. We'll cover the importance of choosing the right prompts, structuring prompts to yield the desired output, and understanding the model's limitations. Additionally, we'll discuss how to evaluate the quality of the model's output and how to refine prompts to achieve better results iteratively. By mastering the basics of prompt engineering, students will be well-equipped to begin exploring more advanced techniques in subsequent sessions.

Week 2

Advanced Techniques - Students will learn to create more complex and nuanced prompts that yield better results. We'll cover techniques like combining multiple prompts, conditioning the model on specific inputs or contexts, and adjusting hyperparameters to fine-tune the model's output. Students will also learn to evaluate and optimize their prompts for tasks such as text generation or question-answering. By mastering these advanced prompt engineering techniques, students can take their ChatGPT skills to the next level and achieve even more impressive results.

Week 3

Content creation, automation & repurposing - Students will learn how to apply their prompt engineering skills to solve real-world problems related to research, content creation, and automation. We'll cover a range of practical use cases, such as content repurposing, editing & expanding text, blog writing, fixing writer's block, optimizing SEO content, and more. By the end of the session, students will have a toolbox of techniques they can apply to their work to save time and boost productivity.

Week 4

Creating content systems with ChatGPT & other advanced tools - Students will learn how to use systems and new tools to repurpose & scale content production constantly. From audio & video to text, social media posts to long-form content, automated podcast post-production, and text into graphics, etc. You will learn how to utilize prompt engineering, existing tools, and integrations to get done for what you would usually require an entire content team. 



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