Fundraise with Business Angels for Web3 Startups - Fall '23 Cohort

Fall ’23 Cohort Start Date: September 27, 2023

This course is designed for startups to understand the investor's mind and to prepare themselves for fundraising in specific stages.

The course covers equity funding, convertible agreements, investor communication, and the preparation of a pitch deck and data room. The call to action is to attend the course, learn the best practices, and apply them to the fundraising process for your startup.

Join the course and learn the best practices for fundraising so that you can prepare and execute a successful fundraising strategy for your startup.


Learning objectives

Learn fundraising strategy development essentials

When developing a fundraising strategy, startups should consider important aspects such as identifying potential investors, determining the right valuation of the startup, and creating a successful pitch to VCs.

Understand VCs' criteria and expectations.

VCs evaluate startups based on several criteria, such as team, market, product, and traction, and it's essential to understand scalability and investors' expectations to avoid common pitfalls when pitching to VCs.

Learn effective investor communication strategies.

To communicate with investors effectively, startups need to focus on preparing their fundamentals, telling an appealing story, understanding their audience, preparing a lead list, and preparing for typical questions. Additionally, they should refine their pitch continuously and provide proof points and confirmation to demonstrate traction and validation.


Course Experience

Weekly Live Group Coaching/Discussion Sessions 

We’ll meet every Wednesday for live lectures.

During these live lectures, we will go through our tailored coursework, address specific questions and support you with your concerns.

Personalized Feedback for the Research Report

You will receive personalized feedback on your work during the study sessions and at the end of the course. 

Talk to Experts in Live Sessions

During the 4 weeks, we have amazing lecturer sessions with industry experts joining us so you can learn directly from their expertise.

Learn to Use the Best Data Tools 

In almost every session, you will learn how to use a new data tool that complements your qualitative research efforts.

After each session, we will share our recommendations for tools and services to help you excel!

The kick-off day is on September 27, 2023

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Fundraise with Business Angels Cohort Curriculum

Week 1

Understanding the fundraising process - In this session, the following topics were covered: introduction to venture capital, understanding the different stages of funding, building a fundraising strategy, and how VCs evaluate startups. Startups seek venture capital because it provides them with funding for growth, but the process of raising capital requires a well-planned strategy and an understanding of the investment landscape. VCs evaluate potential investments based on criteria such as the team, market, product, traction, and scalability, and startups should be aware of common pitfalls to avoid when pitching to VCs.

Week 2

Legal mechanics - In this session, the speaker discussed investor-ready governance of a legal entity and the necessary documents, including Articles of Association, Shareholder Agreement, Rules of Procedure for the Management and Advisory Board, and Rules of Procedure for the Advisory Board. They also talked about fundraising through a capital increase, convertible agreements, and SAFE agreements, highlighting the importance of shareholder resolutions and understanding the terms of the agreements. Finally, they discussed securing investors' commitment through a Letter of Intent (LoI).

Week 3

Communication with investors - The session focuses on preparing the fundamentals and playing the game of fundraising. To prepare, it's important to tell an appealing story, define investor personas, prepare a lead list, and be prepared for typical questions. When playing the game, it's essential to lead the pitching session, continuously practice and refine the pitch, provide proof points and confirmation, and reach closing by building momentum and creating FOMO. The session also provides dos and don'ts for fundraising.

Week 4

Getting ready - How to close your round in 6 weeks - The session focuses on preparing the necessary materials and running a structured fundraising process. It includes building a fundraising CRM, creating a pitch deck and basic data room, identifying key investors, and scheduling meetings. The process involves a high level of intensity with specific goals for each week, including generating follow-up meetings and securing a term sheet by the end of week three.



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